Other Services
Tutorial Service 
CFIS provides additional instruction for students as part of improving their study skills and their preparation for university studies and beyond. We have a strong support system to aid our students’ academic success. Tutorials are offered during the school day and on weekends for students who require further assistance in their individual subjects.

Counselling service 
Our services help international students with the transition they will make from leaving home to a new country and a new school. We aim to understand not only a student’s academic concerns, but also those outside the classroom and beyond, such as personal concerns, visa and immigration issues, career plans, cultural adjustment, and more.  We take care of:

  • Course selection
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Volunteerism
  • Career planning

Parental Communication
CFIS maintains a close connection with parents in order to facilitate students’ healthy growth and development. Staff of CFIS report students’ performance and progress as well as problems regularly to parents through phone call or email.

Translation Service
We provide translation service between Chinese and English. Our scope of areas includes medicine, business, literature, documents, and general text.