Canada Fullbright International School (CFIS) is internationally recognized for providing high quality education to young minds, building a solid foundation and preparing students for post-secondary education. CFIS is proud to produce well-qualified graduates who are highly sought after by the most popular and highly-ranked universities in North America.

CFIS is also proud of its strong English Language Test Training program.  This program was created to accommodate students from non-English speaking countries and help them crack down the TOEFL, IETLS, COPE and SAT. Our well qualified teachers are experts in English language learning and training and equipped with rich experience and professionalism. They have special understanding into cross-cultural differences and their implications in language learning. Our teachers bring together the best strategies for the tests with a dynamic and friendly atmosphere at our training center. With the help of our teachers and customized textbooks, students can strengthen their English foundation and learn the best solutions to tests.