Choose Us
Our school has
1.Strong and professional administrators and teachers.

Our administrators

  • lead instruction at the school and know in depth the school’s curriculum and instruction provided in each grade level.
  • help teachers develop instructional strategies and techniques and encourage teamwork.
  • Make time for in-service training and seminars for the school’s entire staff.

Our teachers

  • Hold current certification in the classes they are teaching and have mastered the subject matter.
  • Maintain high expectations for student achievement, which is evident in every aspect of classroom work.
  • Teach students how to learn.

2.A broad curriculum available to all students that

  • is within the guidelines established by Ontario Ministry of Education that is appropriate to the students’ age and educational background
  • places a strong emphasis on basic curriculum including Science, Math, History, Geography, English, and the Arts
  • values the importance of multicultural education and encourages students to experience other cultures

3.A philosophy that all children can learn if taught, coupled with high expectations for     all students

  • learning is promoted as the most important reason for attending school.
  • each lesson offers a challenge for students, but each also is within the student’s ability to attain.
  • homework is assigned with a purpose, usually to reinforce a concept taught or to give additional practice.

4.A safe, clean, caring, and well-organized climate that is conducive to learning, which

  • gives students a strong sense of belonging;
  • boosts a high morale.

5.An ongoing assessment system that supports good instruction.

  • Clear goals are established as to what students are expected to learn.
  • The curriculum is guided by carefully constructed instructional goals, with texts, resource materials, and experiences orchestrated to guarantee success.
  • A high level of parent and community involvement and support.